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Welcome to Westside Muay Thai.


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Traditional, Authentic Muay Thai

About us:

At Westside Muay Thai we have dedicated ourselves to providing the most authentic traditional Muay Thai Ottawa has to offer. All our instructors are cerftified by Ajahn Suchart and the WMC (World Muay Thai Council) and have fight experience.

Whether you are looking to take advantage of our world renowned conditioning and fitness or looking to become the next world champion, Westside Muay Thai has the solution for you. Unlike our competition, our instructors provide extensive personal instruction before, during, or after class without having to pay for expensive private sessions. With a multitude of classes and open training both night and day we can cater to almost any schedule.


November 20th 2015

Here at Westside Muay Thai we’re always working to better ourselves and bring the best out of our students. One of the ways we’ve managed to do this over the last few years is a constant flux of people leaving to and from Thailand to train with the worlds best. While traveling to Thailand is ideal, not everyone here in Ottawa has the cash or the time to make it out east. Fortunately we’ve got you covered! On December 5th we will be hosting an exclusive seminar from Simon “Bad Bwoy” Marcus who is the number 1 light-heavy weight Muay Thai fighter in the world and the number 1 contender in the world renowned Glory kickboxing organization.



November 18th 2015

Here’s a wonderful video which features a great speech from Nelson Mandela on sports and their positive effect on the world.

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.
It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope, where once there was only despair.
It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers. It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.
The heroes standing with me are examples of this power. They are valiant not only in the playing field, but also in the community, both local and international. They are champions and they deserve the world’s recognition.”
Nelson Mandela

November 13th 2015

Here’s something special for you! This video is without a doubt one of my favorites. While most of our members come for a great workout in our Jui jitsu or recreational Muay Thai classes, we do have athletes that compete at the championship level; both as amateurs and professionals. The reason why this clip is a favorite of mine is that it does a phenomenal job of capturing the subtleties of what makes fight night so special. Whether it’s smiling after getting hit, intense speeches in between rounds, or the respect and humility shown by Nakmuays (fighters) after a fight, these are things that while all to often looked over, are both the focus of this video and what makes high level Muay Thai so exiting. Watch to catch a glimpse of what its like for a champion, then feel free to come try a free trial week of some authentic Ottawa Muay Thai for yourself.

November 9th 2015

Here’s a good review one of our instructors wrote the other day about Sitjaopho Muay Thai where him and another one of our fighters lived and trained for a couple months.

“It’s been almost a week and I’ve had time to reflect on the amazing journey Sean Michael and I have been on. I have been planning to go to Thailand for a long time and finally made it happen this year. I was overwhelmed with the level of care and hospitality that I received from the Thai people. Aside from a few run ins with shady cab drivers I can say without a doubt Thai’s are some of the nicest people I’ve met. Furthermore I would like to thank on behalf of myself and Westside Sitjaopho MuayThai for having us at their camp. The training was phenomenal and complimented the awesome people we met along the way! I think it is very important that we as westerners continue to travel to Thailand,and immerse ourselves in the training and culture to preserve the sport we love. Don’t complicate Muay Thai and try to change it and make it your own, it works for a reason, embrace real Muay Thai.”

The reason I’m posting this is because I believe it says a lot about the kind of people we have training here at Westside and it also shows our commitment to the sport, its culture, and how we continue to grow as a team made up of individuals who do their very best to practice the most authentic Muay Thai in Ottawa. Now here’s a great clip of some of the training taking place at Sitjaopho in HuaHin, Thailand.

November 4th 2015

Stick to the basics is something you’ll hear a lot in martial arts but the truth is every style of martial art comes with its share of fancy moves. Whether its flying knees in Muay Thai, Crescent kicks in Taekwondo or flying armbars in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu every art has it’s crowd pleasers but at the heart of high level competition it’s the basics that always seem to carry through. One of the many reasons I’d recommend Westside Muay Thai to someone looking to check out a martial arts and fitness gym in Ottawa is Muay Thai’s focus on fundamental movements and the basics. At it’s core, Thai boxing is all about using your body in the most efficient ways possible to achieve effective results in scoring. All combat sports have many different techniques that score (ie. punches & kicks) but one of the techniques that is almost unique to Muay Thai is the use of elbows. Elbows are a great tool for close to mid range fighting and they’re effective for both cutting and damaging your opponent. While this may sound intimidating to some, practicing elbows on pads is also a ton of fun! Our recreational classes taught by experienced instructors are a great way to learn some cool techniques that are both fun and applicable as self defense all while avoiding the injuries that come with the life of a fighter. To give you a visual on what elbow techniques look like we have a great tutorial from UK based Thai trainer Jompop Kiaphontip. Check it out and come try your FREE trial week that includes both Muay Thai and BJJ.

November 2nd 2015

In the World of Muay Thai there’s no fighter more famous then the legendary Buakaw Banchamek. His rise to fame started with wining the K1 Max Championship in Japan back in 2004. K1 Max was one of the worlds most prestigious annual Kickboxing events of the decade which brought the best strikers from around the world to compete in one night 8 man tournaments. Buakaw would go on to fight 3 times that night in 2004, dominating each fight which in turn cemented Muay Thai as the worlds premier martial arts for stand up fighting. Whether it’s Ottawa, Moscow, Bangkok, or any other city, fight fans everywhere know and love Buakaw for his technique and heart in the ring. Here’s an awesome clip of him training where you get a small glipse of the work it takes to fight at his level. Enjoy!


October 29th 2015

Hey Ottawa! If you ask me there’s nothing cooler then an awesome fight card. I love seeing great match ups and the results when hard working athletes showcase their skills, heart and technique in front of fans. As a Muay Thai fighter myself it’s obvious which combat sport I love to watch the most. I truly believe that Muay Thai is the best combat sport to watch but often time a lot gets lost in translation with the subtleties of the sport and the language barrier. When trying to get new people into Muay Thai I love to show them this clip of UFC commentator Joe Rogan and K1 comentator Michael Shiavello discussing what makes Muay Thai so special. If you’re new to the sport or are just curious about the art of 8 limbs you should start here!

October 10th 2015

We LOVE Muay Thai! Not only is it an awesome way to get in shape but it’s also super fun and has lead to some awesome cultural experiences for many of our members. We love bringing authentic Thai boxing technique to Ottawa and there’s no better feeling then seeing people develop new skills and diverse friendships through martial arts and fitness. Here’s an awesome clip of some champions training in Thailand’s Issan region. This video always gets us pumped to go train so we hope it does the same for you. Come try your free week trial today!!

September 28th 2015

In the world of combat striking there’s no nation that does it as well as the Thai’s. Thailand is the country with the most active professional fighters and that serious amount of competition has led to an immense amount of innovation in terms of technical theory and application. The training in Thailand is top notch and that is why so many of our athletes as well as athletes from around the world make the trip to train with the best in the land of smiles. Here’s a cool video of two Thai’s getting a great pad session in.

September 14th 2015

Less then a week away from Ottawa’s Battle at the bone event! Team Westside Muay Thai is taking on some tough challenges as usual with Nick fighting in his first sanctioned match and Antonio taking on another champion in the main event. We’re selling tickets at the front door for 30 bucks each so come support the team!


September 11th 2015

Some big fights coming up for Westside Muay Thai. Check out this poster for Ben Pride’s upcoming bout in New York; he’s an incredibly hard worker getting ready to showcase some Ottawa Muay Thai on the world stage!


September 8th 2015

Big news folks; we’re introducing a kids program!! The program starts October first and if you sign up for 3 months you get the fourth free!! Martial arts are a great way to instil confidence, discipline and respect all while having fun. Come check us out or give us a call with any inquires for the best kids program in Ottawa!


August 31st 2015

Here we’re going to share a great write up from Sitjaopho Muay Thai Gym which is located in Thailand. It’s a great insight into some the different styles that can make a successful Nak Muay (Thai name for a Boxer. Nak = Love. Muay = Boxing) with video examples  of fighters who compete at the highest level. Whether it’s fighting, fitness or fun you’re into; this is a great read/watch for context concerning how/why we train a certain way!!

“How many short body fighter style in Thailand !!

1. Boxing and low kick style always dangerous !!

2. Technical complete and also can battle it’s like 2 in 1 style !!

3.technical and counter attack most defense and timing !!

4. Clinching style strong conditions always move forword !!!

Hope all students more understand and do your favorite style !!
If you have style you can be good fighter quicker if compare with fighter who don’t know anything just only training not learn and make understand !!!
Why should have style because the style make you beautiful fighting and also tell the people who you are !!!”

August 28th 2015

There are so many reasons to sign up and give Muay Thai a try. There’s always the obvious reasons like weight loss and fitness in general but also consider the friends you’ll make and all the fun you’ll have during our sessions! Here’s a great candid moment of some laughter as two of our younger fighters clinch it out with some of the instructors. The link below will take you to the video on our facebook page; don’t forget to Like our page!!

Seniors vs the New GuysGreat Clinch class today! A hard session with some good laughs as usual, fortunately we got some on video this time LOL! Our new guys are putting in work and improving a lot but there’s still some catching up to do 😉

Posted by Westside Muay Thai on Thursday, August 27, 2015

August 24th 2015

Ever wonder what taking a Muay Thai class is like?? Here’s a cool video one of our instructors made of a class they taught last week. Take a look and come try your free week trial with Ottawa’s best!!

August 19th 2015

If you’re ever lucky enough to travel to Thailand, you’ll quickly learn that Muay Thai is to Thailand what hockey is to Canada. In Thailand Muay Thai is more then just a sport; it’s a way of life and a part of Thai culture that is deeply embedded in Thai society. Whether it’s the old convenience store owner across the street from Sasiprapa gym who shows you pictures of himself when he won him Lumpinee title, or the border guard at Aranyaprathet who challenges you to friendly sparring when he hears you’re a nakmuay (muay thai fighter), everyone seems to have a little bit of Muay Thai in their heart. A lot gets lost in translation while trying to convey the significance of the many subtleties to people newer to the sport, however this Warriors of the Mongkon documentary series does a phenomenal job. With opening sequences in Thailands ancient capital of Ayuthaya  and Bangkoks democracy monument its clear that the directors have a great appreciate for the art, fighters, and culture of Muay Thai. Give it a watch and come start your Muay Thai journey with Ottawa’s best!


August 15th 2015

Here’s a picture from our boxing class that took place today. While the fighters in this picture have a combined 200 fights; there’s also kids, seniors & student all coming together to have fun helping each other with their fitness goals! Come join in & try a free trial week!!!


August 14th 2015

Here’s some Friday fight action for you featuring Damien Alamos! Damien is one of two non Thais to ever receive a Lumpinee title however Damien is the only falang (Thai for foreigner) to ever defend his title. Fighting out of Singpatong/Sitnumnoi gym in Phucket, Damien is one of the best foreigners to ever do it having been raised in the gym much like the thai boys. Check out this awesome scrap from Lumpinee stadium!

August 12th 2015

Developing a strong body & strong mind are just two of the many benefits you’ll enjoy once you decided to add some Muay Thai to your life! Our fun workouts will help you garnish great functional strength and great control over your body. Check out this great tutorial on a classic exercise which helps us strengthen many parts of our body at once!


August 11th 2015

Hey folks! We’ve got some new custom westside hats available at the front desk! you can purchase one that’s readily available or wait a few days for a custom one made for your personality. We’ve got new shirts coming soon as well as all the gear you need to get started!!


August 7th 2015

New to Muay Thai? This video here is a great introduction into the cultural experience that is authentic Muay Thai. We’re fortunate to be able to enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai for leisure purposes but things are very different for the warriors in Thailand. Check it out and catch a glimpse into what motivates and pushes these athletes to such a high level!

August 5th 2015

We have three of our athletes in shape and ready to rock the house & represent Ottawa at a Muay Thai show in Toronto this weekend. Chok dee(Thai for good luck) boys!


August 4th 2015

Tuesday is sparring day here at Westside Muay Thai. While sparring is reserved for the more advanced students it is not mandatory at any level (except for those looking to become fighters). Though sparring can seem intimidating we encourage almost everyone to try it because the truth is most sparring is what we call ‘touch-sparring’. Touch sparring is sparring lightly so the athletes can improve their technique while avoiding injury; after all, no sense in black eyes when we all have day jobs to get to! Check out this great clip of 2 Thai brothers practising their technique in this touch sparring video!

August 3rd 2015

The gym is closed today for the long weekend but don’t let that stop you from enjoying some Muay Thai action! From Ottawa’s premier Muay Thai gym to you, here’s an awesome video of Uk star Liam Harrison getting some awesome training in!

July 30th 2015

September 26th 2015 Kru Ben Pride makes his north American pro Muay Thai debut in New York state against undefeated fighter Kevin Van Nostrand!

Ben news post1

September 9

Westside Muay Thai Promotional Video!

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July 20

New Gear is in !!!  Custom WestSide Shorts and Custom WestSide Handwraps are in !!
Top quality Team Gear at discount prices for team members!!
Inquire at front desk for your size before they sell out!!

July 12

P.C Kru Antonio competes in MAX Muay Thai fight card in Thailand, fighting the best of the best!! WestSide fighters and coaches fighting all over the world!!
Real coaches, Real Fighters, Real Muay Thai

July 11

Kru Ben competes in the Friday Night Fights WKA North American 8 man tournament! Disposing of NJ McLaughlin and Kit Ruddock in easy fashion, moving to the finals. Ben fought Amazing, displaying all the tools of Muay Thai, but got edged in a split decision in the finals. Amazing work from one of the best in the business !

April 11

P.C Kru Audree wins USKA International Muay Thai title at 135lbs, Making this her second North American title !

May 18th

Kyfer, Audree, Tyler and Jaedon all step in the ring Loyalty and Honour series. It was a huge success and a huge congrats to all the fighters, great job ! 4x champ Kru Ben Pride is invited to fight in the journey series 8 man tournament in Calgary for CMTC !